Korean KLOM Hook Picks (31pcs) Set

High Quality KLOM 31pcs Hook Lock Picks

High Quality KLOM 31pcs Hook Lock Picks

KLOM high quality 31-piece hook picks, made in Korea… This set contains more tools than GOSO 23pcs Lock Pick Set, of course its price is more expensive… KLOM is very high-quality and very easy to use.

What KLOM customers say on YouTube…

High Quality KLOM 31-Piece Set Hook Lock Picks

My new KLOM Navagator picks

KLOM PICK DEMO American 1105 SSP’d & GUTTED!


HU66 VAG Inner groove pick

HU66 VAG Inner Groove Pick

This is by far the quickest tool for quickly defeating this make of auto lock with very little practice.

(same for all inner groove picks as per earlier list, vag hu66 , bmw hu92, Mercedes , ford and honda )

This tool works on Volks Wagen, Porsche, Audi, and Skoda, Quick and Easy.

It’s quite special: insert the circular guide which holds the lock cover open and positions the pick and apply tension, then insert the pick in through the circular guide in a raking motion – sometimes once, sometimes it might take a minute or so – so if you’re in a rush – no problem.

1 set contains one wrench and pick

Some tools take loads of practice and knowledge of locks to work. Others will take years of experience to get the hang of. These Inner Groove Picks will have you opening locks with ease and in no time at all.

“had a lock out to day a vw caddy got there and went with the HU66 VAG Pick first time usesing it and it was open in seconds i was as amazed as the customer wot a tool”

Check out other of GOSO Inner Groove Picks here by so far… https://gosolockpicks.com/tag/inner-groove-pick

Honda Inner Groove Pick

Honda Inner Groove Pick

Unlike other inner groove picks the Honda one has two ‘rakes’ each side – four in all – to work top and bottom wafers on both sides.

The Honda inner groove pick adds to an increasing range of IGP’s that include Ford, BMW, Mercedez and the notorious U66, and we’re happy to give you this opportunity to add it to your collection.

Ford Tibbe Pick

This is a unique pick, designed to pick all Ford Tibbe locks.

The design allows each disk to be easily picked individually and allows the user to see the full code at an instant once picked.

How to use it

The principal is quite simple – each section on the handle revolves and causes the pick end to alter – once you’ve moved through the sections the pick end will resemble the key and you can turn the lock. There’s two methods of using this tool and you can use the instructions below to try them both – you’ll find a lot of locks open quite quickly and with relative ease.

Everyone’s talking about the Ford Tibbe Pick – alongside our Ford HU101 Inner Groove Pick your access range for Ford cars is utterly comprehensive.

Individual Disc Technique

1. Insert the tool right into the lock

2. Rotate each disc to find the solid No. 4 discs. These are the discs that will operate the lock once picked. There can be more than one.

3. Maintain tension on at least one of these No.4 discs.

4. Slowly rotate the others – without forcing them – past their stop points.

5. Once all positions are stopped try rotating the No. 4 disc. If the lock does not open, maintain the tension whilst rotating each disc each way slightly. You are usually nearly there and it can often take just a little wiggle.

All Disc Technique.

1. Insert tool into lock

2. Find the No. 4 discs.

3. Maintain tension constantly on at least one of these No.4 discs.

4. Rotate all remaining manipulators forward & back together until set & lock opens.


1. Once the lock is open, keep the tension on the No. 4 discs, holding the lock in the open position continuously until decoded.

2. Whilst holding this tension gently rotate each manipulator forward until they come to a stop. Do not force it past this stop position.

3. Look at the stop positions, you will see instantly the No. 4 disc height position. From this you will be able to work out the other disc positions.

There are only 4 positions in a Tibbe lock.

GOSO 23pcs Lock Pick Set

This set of picks comes complete with 23 tools – 20 different picks and 3 tension tools – zipped up in their own two pocketed wallet.

What you get

  • 20 Picks
  • 4 turning tools – including 1 car lock turning tool
  • A good selection of car picks, rakes, hook picks and a dimple rake
  • Manufactured from a much stronger metal than other sets
  • Comes in a handy zippered leather case

What customers say

Open car locks, padlocks, deadbolts etc. without damaging the lock.

If you’ve never picked a lock before there is a large amount of information on the internet to get you started. It’s actually a fairly simple process and once you pick your first lock you’ll be addicted! Long being a practice of locksmiths, in recent years lock picking has become more of a hobby know as locksport.

GOSO 23pcs Hook Pick Set

With this 23 pcs kit you can basically pick and non destructively open most pin tumbler (padlocks) and wafer locks (used on cars). It comes with 20 picks and a variety of tension tools and a car door tension tool.

Get it now from our Shopify store, comment below for a 20% OFF coupon code.

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