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GOSO 23pcs Lock Pick Set

This set of picks comes complete with 23 tools – 20 different picks and 3 tension tools – zipped up in their own two pocketed wallet.

What you get

  • 20 Picks
  • 4 turning tools – including 1 car lock turning tool
  • A good selection of car picks, rakes, hook picks and a dimple rake
  • Manufactured from a much stronger metal than other sets
  • Comes in a handy zippered leather case

What customers say

Open car locks, padlocks, deadbolts etc. without damaging the lock.

If you’ve never picked a lock before there is a large amount of information on the internet to get you started. It’s actually a fairly simple process and once you pick your first lock you’ll be addicted! Long being a practice of locksmiths, in recent years lock picking has become more of a hobby know as locksport.

GOSO 23pcs Hook Pick Set

With this 23 pcs kit you can basically pick and non destructively open most pin tumbler (padlocks) and wafer locks (used on cars). It comes with 20 picks and a variety of tension tools and a car door tension tool.

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