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Universal Car Door Lock Pick Kit


This is a universal automotive lock opener kit, it can be used for any car door locks, and with some learning and practicing, you can unlock almost any car door locks in minutes. Please watch the video below.

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Ford Jaguar 8 Cut Tibbe Pick & Decoder

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Brought to you by HUK, the Ford Jaguar 8 Cut Tibbe Pick & Decoder is designed on the same principal as the 6 cut Tibbe using the same style of turners, and there are 8 turners with 3 heights instead of the standard 6 turners with 4 heights.

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Haoshi Abloy Pick and Decoder


Made by Haoshi, the precisely produced opening tool for Abloy locks not only opens the locks, but also decodes them. This allows the easy production of a key duplicate with the Abloy replication set.

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Lishi HU66 2in1 Decoder and Pick


Lishi HU66 2in1 Decoder and Pick is designed for VAG: VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda, Porsche [Profile: HU66 (2 Track Internal)] Suitable for: Door, boot and Ignition locks

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KLOM Finger Rake Picks & Wave Picks Set


KLOM finger rake picks is ultra-thin, designed for small thin restricted keyways, which enables you with an effective and quick way of opening a huge variety of pin cylinder type locks.

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GOSO 4 Blue Dimple Picks


Just like the HUK 4 Silver Bullet Dimple Picks, this GOSO dimple pick set comes with 4 pieces (2 picks, 2 rakes) picks and rakes, as well as 2 turning tools, for single pin picking.

SKU: GOSO4Dimple Category: Tag:
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Two-row Semi Circle Keyway 11 Pins


Two-row Semi Circle Keyway 11 Pins dimple spring loaded bump lock tool is designed for 11-Pin dimple locks, which keys on the front you have 11 pin holes, and on the back it’s completely flat.

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HUK 8 Dimple Lock Picks


This 8-Piece dimple lock picks is one of the latest and hot dimple lock pick set on the market amount locksmiths community all around the world.

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