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Lishi Domestic Picks for Australian Locksmiths

Lishi tools are well-known for the 2-in-1 decoder and picks, which are mainly designed for vehicle opening, excluding a few designed for motorbike locks. But Lishi is not just for automotive any more, in the past two years, a series of domestic picks were developed.

Today, Lishi domestic picks product line covers the vast majority of standard residential locks: American Lock, Kwikset, Schlage, Master Lock, and etc. These are the very most common residential Lishi needed. For the Australian market, Lishi released two tools for C4/Lockwood.

Lishi LW4 for C4/Lockwood 5-Pin Keyway

Lishi LW5 for C4/Lockwood 6-Pin Keyway

Lishi LW4 & LW5 are game-changing lock picking tools for any locksmith that works with the Silca LW4 & LW5 keyway. These amazing tools enable you to pick 5-pin and 6-pin cylinders and also gives you the ability to decode the cylinder without the need to dismantle the cylinder to make a key.

The Lishi LW4 & LW5 domestic tools have made a significant reduction in the time needed for a locksmith to open the new Lockwood lock even if it comes with spool pins, and also the time needed to make a key for a lock cylinder.

Besides Lishi LW4 and LW5, Lishi TE2 for Tesa TE2 profile are also commonly seen in Australia. But it’s not sold best there.

Unlike automotive tools, all Lishi domestic picks are anti-glare by default, and come in a durable clear plastic tray case that link together to keep each pick organized and expandable. To anybody who is still not known, the anti-glare coating is an additional layer on the surface of the high-grade stainless steel, which decreases the amount of reflective light, makes each tool more durable and easy to read.

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