Lishi Laser Picks TOY48

Lishi Laser Picks TOY48 for Toyota/Lexus 2-track

Works on the following models:

Lexus Altezza from 1999 onwards
Lexus ES300 from 2004 to 2006
Lexus GS300 from 1998 onwards
Lexus GS400 from 1998 onwards
Lexus GS430 from 2001 onwards
Lexus GX470 from 2003 onwards
Lexus IS200 from 1999 onwards
Lexus IS300 from 2001 onwards
Lexus LS200 from 1999 onwards
Lexus LS400 from 1999 to 2005
Lexus RX300 from 1999 onwards
Lexus SC300 from 1998 onwards
Lexus SC400 from 1998 onwards
Toyota Aristo from 1998 onwards
Toyota Avalon XL from 2005 onwards
Toyota Avalon XLS from 2005 onwards
Toyota Aygo from 2005 onwards
Toyota Progress NC300 from 1997 to 2003

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