4 Covert Instruments Lock Picks You Can Consider

Covert Instruments is the Shopify store operated by LockPickingLawyer, it was launched more than one year ago, selling some little piece lock picking tools, designed by the Covert Instruments team and made in the USA, excluding some Lishi tools which are made by Mr. Li in China.

Covert Instruments Owner

LockPickingLawyer is the guy behind Covert Instruments LLC. LockPickingLaywer is a YouTuber whose channel is dedicated to showcasing weaknesses and defects in various types of locks and other security devices and picking locks using professional tools and non-standard methods.

LockPickingLawyer is the leader in the field of covert entry and locksport, so the Covert Instruments team are in a unique position to develop and produce tools that will be appreciated by both professionals and hobbyists alike, with the principle: create tools that are a cut above their peers in conception, production, and function.

Covert Instruments Lock Picks

The Covert Instruments team has produced a series of popular lock picks, for example, Covert Companion, Genesis Lock Pick Set, Magnet Connect, practice locks, and much more. More and more beginner locksmiths begin using their tools, and the company is so successful as a newly-established lock pick manufacturer.

Covert Instruments Covert Companion

Covert Companion is for opening everything. This comprehensive kit includes all the flagship SSF tools at a discounted rate. With 20 tools, this kit offers the most opening potential in the smallest form factor on the market. This kit arrives unassembled.

Covert Instruments Genesis Lock Pick Set

Genesis Lock Pick Set is an absolute locksmith beginner’s solution, recommended by the Covert Instruments team. The Genesis Set is perfect place to start your picking journey, and has everything you need to get started with zero waste.

  • A Short Hook (.025″)
  • A Medium Hook (.025″)
  • A Quad Wave Rake (.025″)
  • A Quint Wave Rake (.025″)
  • 3x Precision 2 in 1 Turning Tools
Covert Instruments Practice Lock

CI Practice Lock has drilled and tapped cylinder which is the perfect solution for beginner through advanced pickers. It is extremely easy to pin this lock up in any configuration you see fit: from a single easy to learn pin stack, to an exceptionally challenging configuration full of spools and serrated pins. This training solution will grow with you and take you farther than any other. Includes a hex wrench, array of spare parts, springs, key pins, standard driver pins, and security driver pins.

Lishi SC4 is a perfect complement to this practice tool.

Covert Instruments Magnet Connect

Magnet Connect is a super powerful magnetic accessory, which quickly attach or disconnect from pants, bags, or other everyday devices. Mag Connect holds all of your specialty keys and makes removing them from your covert companion super easy.

Covert Instruments Lishi Tools

Lishi Tools are the only out-sourced tools by the Covert Instruments team. At present, some Lishi residential tools, for example, Lishi M1, Lishi KW1 & KW5, Lishi SC1 & SC4, Lishi AM5, SC20. And some Lishi automotive tools, such as, Lishi FO38, Lishi CY24, Lishi HU101, are being supplied.

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