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KLOM Advanced Plug Spinner

KLOM Advanced Plug Spinner

This is the coolest plug spinner on the market! Heavy-duty spring and interchangeable tips allow rotation at varying strengths and speeds in either direction.

Pistol-grip provides better form factor than other pen-type plug spinners such as the A1 Spinnakur. Tighten it as much as you want, unlike the HPC Flip-It tension tool. And cheaper than them all. Compare to the $99 pistol-type plug spinner from Lockmasters! Especially useful when fighting locks with spring pressure.

Easy swapping tips make this ideal for automotive picking.

Korean KLOM Hook Picks (31pcs) Set

High Quality KLOM 31pcs Hook Lock Picks

High Quality KLOM 31pcs Hook Lock Picks

KLOM high quality 31-piece hook picks, made in Korea… This set contains more tools than GOSO 23pcs Lock Pick Set, of course its price is more expensive… KLOM is very high-quality and very easy to use.

What KLOM customers say on YouTube…

High Quality KLOM 31-Piece Set Hook Lock Picks

My new KLOM Navagator picks

KLOM PICK DEMO American 1105 SSP’d & GUTTED!

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