GOSO Lock Picks

Feel free to call us now: +86.576.82962618 or send us an Email to hello(@)gosolockpicks.com .

Website Guide

Got lost on our website? Here’s some useful instructions when viewing our website… so that we can help you looking for items that you’re interested in, and/or also help you learning about our company and sales team.

GOSO lock picks

Here’s our website homepage screenshot, you can click on the navigation links to see our company profile and sales team or some other useful information. Clicking on the products categories links will guide you to our products page, and you can also search on any of our website page with any keyword, or contact with us by messages or live chat via Windows Live Messenger. Clicking on the logo on any page will redirect you to our home page.

Instructions on using MSN Live Chat

Click on “MSN Live Chat” on any web page on our website, a new browser window will be opened. (the url is: http://settings.messenger.live.com/Conversation/[email protected]&mkt=en-US)

MSN Live Chat

In the bottom center of the new browser window, click on “Begin a conversation”.

MSN Live Chat

In the “Set Your Name” window, in put your name, or we’d strongly suggest you go to the sign in page, and sign in with your Windows Live ID (sign in with your @hotmail.com or @live.com email address and your password), so we know whom you’re.

MSN Live Chat

Input the CAPTCHA code and click on “Submit”… these characters are not not case-sensitive, just type the right code.

MSN Live Chat

Here we go!!! You can have a live chat via Windows Live Messenger with our sales representative now… Tell them what help you need, what products you’re interested in, or whatever…