GOSO is the most professional manufacturer of lock picks and other automotive locksmith tools, key cutting machines, etc, located here in Wenling City, Zhejiang Province. GOSO lock picks are very easy to use, its quality is very nice, and their technical skills is very abundant. GOSO lock picking sets has won great reputation among both Chinese and lock pickers abroad.

Having been founded for more than 20 years, GOSO is always insisting on the belief “Quality fist, customers foremost “, they researched and development a great variety of key cutting machines, lock picking tools, and gained great applause from their worldwide faithful customers.

GOSO aims at offering the most reliable and professional lock picking solutions, by establishing different sales channels in different countries, to enlarge their business and also help locksmiths. GOSO staffs were always working on this  goal and never changed.


Hsiendai Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise dedicated to research and development, manufacturing and  international selling, of a large range of products, including auto parts, automotive lock picks, sanitary wares, shower bathroom faucet, and so on.

HSIENDAI works as an industrial & trade company, on one hand, we have our own factory, we manufacture and sell part of our own products. On the other hand, we also buy and sell lots of other products as well.

Our lock picks team is a newly established selling department, mainly responsible for bringing GOSO and Lishi automotive locksmith tools to our honorable clients. We work as a trading company in this field under the strategic business partner relationship contract with GOSO.

The HSIENDAI lock picks team concentrates on supplying GOSO lock picks and Lishi automotive picking tools to our world-wide honorable customers, absolutely cheap and shipping fast. Welcome to cooperate with us.